Prints Overview

Will I be able to make money off of the prints?

Yes, the photographer may redeem 100% of the fixed markup for cash or use for upgrading/renewing events. PASS takes no commission on the total sale.

Print Size & Retail Cost Photographer Credit Received Per Print
4×6 – $1 $0.50
5×7 – $2 $1
8×12 – $4 $2

*PASS makes a small amount on the sale, but that money comes through price negotiations with WHCC.

What are the print options?

PASS offers 4×6 ($1) , 5×7 ($2), and 8×12 ($4) prints on lustre paper printed by White House Custom Color.  Prints are center cropped when necessary. Check out our Print Cropping article.

Do I have to offer prints though PASS?

Printing is set to ON by default and can be disabled in the event settings for Upgraded events.  Each event has it’s own setting.

Why does PASS have set print pricing?

This feature was created as a way for Shoot and Share photographers to offer professional prints at an incredible price.

Can I self fulfill?

With PASS, your clients can create favorites, and you could send them to the lab of your choice. But, orders through PASS will all be fulfilled through WHCC.

How can I use my credits?

Use As Credit

– Use your credits to upgrade events or order prints

– Send a gift card to your clients (Coming Soon)

Redeem for Cash

-Check out how to redeem for cash

How long are my credits good for?

Credits can be used in the PASS system for Upgrades, Renewals and Print orders for 5 years from date recieved.  Credits can also be redeemed for cash within 1 year from date received.

Will I be notified when someone places an order?

Yes, you will receive an email notification outlining the print purchase and all credits that you have received as part of that purchase.  You can also view all Orders from the Online Account view.

Print Delivery

How long does it take to receive the prints?

With standard shipping ($5 in the United States) prints should be received within 4-7 business days. For expedited shipping ($10 in the United States) prints should be received within 2-5 business days.

Are prints sent directly to my clients?

The shipping address is specified by the purchaser as the checkout process is completed.

I am outside of the US, will this feature work for me?

Yes. Prints ordered through PASS can be shipped internationally.  International shipping rates will vary based upon delivery location.

Print Support

Who should my clients contact about their order?

Your clients can find support for anything PASS related including prints at

Of course they can and may contact you first and we are happy to assist you (the photographer) with any questions at